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       Mark Tokar graduated from Lviv Polytechnic University. Upon graduation he attended classical guitar classes at S.Lyudkevych Music College.

At the same time he starts to play double bass. During 2002-2004 he repeatedly participated in Krakow jazz workshops, directed by M. Parkinson (USA).

In 2006 by Gaude Polonia scholarship program Mark studied at K. Szymanowski Jazz Academy under direction of Professor Jacek Niedzela. The program was granted by the Minister of Culture in Poland.

Starting 2006 he periodically gives lessons in jazz schools.

During 2005-2006 Mark Tokar works as an art director of Ukrainian-Polish Jazz Bez festival. He organizes series of Metro Jazz philharmonic musical performances in Lviv.

As a musician, performs with different bands at numerous festivals in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

Mark is a member of Dzyga Jazz Quintet in Lviv.

Along with that he is a leader of international projects Leo'm'art and Mark Tokar's Quintet.

He used to play together with Ken Vandermark, Steve Swell, Roberta Piket (USA), Klaus Kugel, Arkadij Shylklper (Germany), Petras Vishniauskas (Lithuania), Mirchea Tiberian (Romania), Mazzol, Mikolaj Tszaska, Pszemyslaw Borowiecki (Poland), Yuriy Yaremchuk (Ukraine), Magnus Broo (Sweden), Fred Frith (USA).

Mark participates in international projects Resonance (USA, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland) as well as Five Spot (USA, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine).

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