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       Since October the 20th? 1975, when the first concert took place, Began the honorable history of the Rivne Chamber orchestra.
       Its founder, the first conductor and artistic director was Bohdan Depo, the peoples Artist of Ukraine. Under his leadership the collectives activiti was versatile, the orchestra performed in Rivne and the region, the tours run across all over Ukraine and former USSR.
       Concert life was concentrated above 130 performances a year. Skill and experience the orchestrants mastered working along with recognized artists: violinists B. Kotorovych and O. Kotorovych, K. Stetsenko; pianist O. Nasedkin, R. Rudnitsky; organists V.Koshuba, I. Kalinovska; M.Povaliy; Singers D. Hnatyuk, Yar. Kulchynskiy; T. Ivchenko, N. Faryna, Yev. Yurkiv, O. Varnava; L. Gurora.
       Quite a few times the orchestra played the premieres of modern Ukrainian composers works, the recitals of M. Skoryk, A. Hajdenko, V. Gubarenko, V. Zubitsky took place as well.
       The orchestra was the participant of the All-Union Festival Golden Autumn in Kyiv, government concerts, became th Laureate of the All-Union Orchestra Review, the Laureate of M. Maksys prize and the winner of the I. National Competition of chamber orchestras.
       Dn 1992 theorchestra was headed by Illya Kutsiy. Among the achierements of this period one can mention The string Serenade and Florence sextette by P. Tchajkovskiy, Concerto grosso by Handel, 3 Tabulatures by Skoryk.
       In 1993 the name of Rivne Chamber orchestra was registered in Musical American International Directory of the Performing Arts. The collaboration continued with soloists and conductors from Bulgary, Russia, France, Germany, Canada and the USA.
       After wards the collective worked under Y. Skrypnyk and Y. Halatenko. The repertoire enlarged with Brittens The simple Symphony, Telemans Viola concerto (solo I. Gladkova), Bachs Brangenburgishes Concerto 3, Dvorak String Serenade, Mendelssohns chamber symphonies. Todether with Y. Haltenko the orchestra started to investigate a baroque style in playing the string instruments which was a real pioneer experience for Ukraine.
       In 1998 the collective began to work under the direction of P.Tovstukha, with whom the chamber orchestra experienced a true metamorphoses era. Orchestreds was all-embracing: mastering a barogue style (Corelli, Vivaldi. Pergolesi, Teleman, Handel, Bach); enlargement of the staff up to a symphony orchestra (all the symphonics by Bethoven, his piano concertos; Brams the 1st and the 2nd symphonies; Mozarts symphonies, violine, piano and flute concertos symphonies by Shubert, Mendelson, Prokofiev; etc.); recollection of masterpieces of XIX-XX centuries (Schubert The Girl and the Death, Schoenberg, Verklarte Nacht, A. Berg. Lirycal suite, R. Strauss Metamorphoses, Stravinskiy Apollon Musaget, Bartoc Divertimento the works by Shostakovich, Stankovich, Silvestrov, Grabovskiy);
       presentation of works of contemporary Ukrainian and foreign composers. (Cfpirin, Zaga, Kevich, Lunyov, Pilyutikov, Polyova, Hagstedt and many otheer).
       The orchestra repeatedly took part in a number of festivals in Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Rivne, Lutsk.
       From the beginning of 2008 the orchestra has been headed by P. Baginskiy.
       The collective continues its creative work, following the traditions of various manners, performing with many conductors and soloists.


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