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CD . ( , ; , -)

CD . - , 18 2005 .

Andriy Karpyak

         Andriy Karpyak was born in 1974. He graduated with honors both from specialized music school (the class of Ivan Levkovych, flute) and Lviv State Conservatory (the classes of Yuriy Smirnov and Vasil' Zholubak, flute). To improve his education, Karpyak went to the Pyotr Tchaikovsky Ukrainian Academy of Music (Professor V.Apats'ky as his research supervisor). Since 2010, he has been doing a doctorate at the Academy.
        Andriy Karpyak has an impressive record of personal artistic achievement: the award for bests wind instrument performers at the All-Union Contest (1991); the victory in the All-Ukrainian Contest (1992); the laureate at the International Contest (1998): the laureate at the International Contest of Chamber Ensembles (2004) etc. He attended masterclasses of such famous musicians as Andrash Adorjan, Jeanny Baxtresser, Anthony Wierzbinski, Oleg Kudriashov, Martin Fahlenbock. He participated in numerous international music festivals: International Youth Music Forum, Das Treffen, Dni Muzyki Kompozytorow Krakowskich, Miedzynarodowy Festiwal muzyki kameralnej, , ³, , , FEST etc.
        Andriy Karpyak has performed in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, E1 Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rika, Peru and Columbia as a soloist, band and orchestral musician. He has played a considerable number of concertos for flute and orchestra, most of which were performed in Ukraine for the first time (among them, there were at least ten premieres): A.Vivaldi; J.S.Bach (Brandenburg Concertos 4, 5; Suite in B minor); J.-M.Leclair; C.P.E.Bach; J.B.Wendling; W.A.Mozart; S.Mercadante; P.Tchaikovsky; F. and K. Doppler; A.B.Furstenau; M.Lysenko; J.Ibert; C. Nielsen; H.Otaka; R. Simovych; A. Shtogarenko; A. Nikodemowicz; Ye. Stankovych; M.Theodorakis; A. Zatin; V. Bartulis; B. Borysenko etc.
        Karpyaks solo performances had extensive press coverage through reviews and announcements. The interviews with the musician were published in such magazines as Ruch Muzyczny, Dzhaz (Jazz), Dzvin (The Bell), Teatralna Besida (Theater Talks), as well as in newspapers: Nordbayerischer Kurier, Holos Ukrayiny (The Voice of Ukraine), Kultura I Zhyttia (Culture and Life), Postup (Progress), Za Vilnu Ukrayinu (For Independent Ukraine), Vysoky Zamok (High Castle), Subotnia Poshta (Saturday Mail), Lviv ta Lvivyany (Lviv and Lviv Citizens), Leninska Molod (The Youth of Lenin), Fest, Yevropa-tsentr (Europe Center), Novyny Zakarpattia (News from Transcarphathians), Uzhgorod, in the weekly magazine Oriana, and in the bulletin of the analytical-coordinative agency of Ukrainian authors songs.
        Apart from that, Flutist took part in some television musical programs and making a film entitled Tayemnytsia maestro M. Berezovskoho (The Mystery of the Maestro M. Berezovsky). Andriy Karpyak is collaborating with opera and ballet companies, symphony and chamber orchestras, with the chamber orchestra Lviv Virtuosos in particular, since its foundation. He also participated in numerous artistic projects together with the following conductors: Stefanos Tsialis, Roman Kofman, Laszlo Kovacz, Yuriy Lutsiv, Gunhard Mattes, Mark Kadin, Aidar Torybayev, Wojciech Czepiel, Sergiy Burko, Zygmunt Rychert, Viktor Ploskina, Ihor Pylatiuk, Kohei Sodeoka, Myroslaw Skoryk, Roland Bader, Ivan Yuziuk, Hans Wilhelm, Yarema Kolessa, Heorhiy Pavliy, Petro Tovstukha, Ianusz Pshybylski, Mykola Kulyk, Dieter Wagner, Bohdan Dashak, Viktoriya Ratsiuk, Denys Proshchayev, Yuriy Bervetsky, Oleksandr Drahan etc.
        The musician is a member of a modern music ensemble named Cluster, which is the first performer of numerous works written by foreign and domestic composers. The ensemble has been popularizing modern music in Ukraine and abroad for fifteen years. In its repertoire, the collective includes over 200 works by J.Cage, P.Boulez, L.Berio, H.Lachenmann, B.Schaeffer, Z.Uduman, G.C.Taccani, O.R. Jones, I. Nebesny, H. Stepalska etc.
        Andriy Karpyak is the organizer and member of the flute group called Doppler-Sextet, which is the laureate of the International Contest (O.Kozarenko, S.Piliutikov, O.Voytenko, I. Nebesny, L.Sydorenko and others have created their works for the group).
        Andriy Karpyak is the author of thirty scientific studies devoted to the issues of performing, to the history of the art of performance on the flute, which were published in Ukrainian and foreign (Germany, Poland) specialist publications. He has developed and teaches the courses in The history of performing arts and The methodology for teaching performance on the wind instruments. Flutist participated in international scientific conferences, and he was on a jury judging an international contest.
        Andriy Karpyak holds a Ph.D. in Arts Studies (The art of flute performance in the musical culture of Lviv in the 19th-20th centuries (2002)). Since 2003, he has been working as an assistant professor at the Mykola Lysenko National Academy of Music in Lviv at the Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments, as well as at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Among his alumni, there are twelve laureates of All-Ukrainian and international contests (e.g. Mariya Semotiuk is the laureate awarded the second prize in Lions Club German Flute Competition (Braunschweig, Germany), the laureate of the 7th Kobe International Flute Competition (Kobe, Japan), an artist of the Royal Concertgebouworchestra (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)).
        The findings of the studies conducted by Andriy Karpyak as well as his musical works were published in the encyclopedia entitled Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Kassel, Germany) and by the publishing house Falls House Press (Nashua, the USA, Cat. 4F-AK1). The musician was awarded the Diploma of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism For the significant personal contribution to fostering spiritual values and high professional performance (2010). A separate subchapter of the doctoral thesis entitled The Art of Flute Performance of the 20th Century in the Context of the Ukrainian Culture written by Yuriy Shutko, a Ph.D. in Arts Studies, the Honored Artist of Ukraine, is devoted to the performing creativity of Andriy Karpyak.

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         (Ukraine) , . , - (1821-1883) (1825-1900) , . , ղ .
         1997 . ̳ , , , ͳ.
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         , 2008 , -. . .. : (, ), (), (), (), (), ( ).

The Flute Doppler-Sextet

        The ensemble of flautists in Lviv (Ukraine), is a group with distinguished long established world traditions. It is named after Franz (1821-1883) and Karl (1825-1900) Dopplers, famous Lviv flautists, who made an invaluable contribution to the art of flute performance and repertoire by their active solo, ensemble and composer activity, and who had a well-deserved reputation as the classics of the flute ensemble of the Romanticism. At present, the works of the brothers-geniuses do not only belong to the most popular flute literature, but also achieved the peak of general recognition.
        In 1997, a flute band, performing in concerts, was formed. Shortly afterwards, Andriy Karpyak and Yevhen Biletsky, the laureates of international contests, made a number of original programs presented in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.
        In 2002, the group became a flute quartet. In 2003, while visiting Germany, the members of the quartet attended masterclasses of Jeanny Baxtresser, a flute soloist of the New York Philharmonic, in Weimar. The flautist was impressed by the high level of performance and striking originality of the repertoire displayed by the quartet from Lviv. Later, Jeanny Baxtresser greatly assisted with the publication of works from the quartets repertoire in the USA. In 2005, the collection of works entitled Encore Arrangements for Flute Quartet (Arranged by Andriy Karpyak) was published by the Falls House Press.
        In 2004, the group became the laureate at the International Contest of Wind Chamber Ensembles in Vorzel.
        In 2006, the Quartet recorded the compact disk entitled The Concert in the Town of Lions, participated in numerous music festivals, collaborated with outstanding musicians and Ukrainian composers. The works of O.Kozarenko, I.Nebesny, L.Sydorenko, O.Sierova, S. Piliutikov, O. Voytenko were first performed by the group.
        In 2008, due to the extension of instrumentation and repertoire, the flute quartet turned into the flute sextet and was named Doppler-Sextet in honor of the flautists memorable for their flute performance in Lviv. The works of Franz and Karl Dopplers are always included into different concert programs of the group. There are the following members of the sextet: Mykhailo Sosnovsky (piccolo, flute); Andriy Karpyak (flute); Zhanna Len (flute); Volodymyr Lushchenko (flute); Heorhiy Loshakov (flute); and Yevhen Biletsky (alto flute).

Andriy Karpyak

         Andriy Karpyak ist 1974 geboren. Er studierte an der Spezialmusikscuile in der Flotenklasse bei W.Zholubak und I.Levkovytsch und am Hochschule fur Musik (Lwiw) bei Jurij Smirnow. Er war 1992 Sieger des gesamtukrainischen Wettbewerbs fur junge Blasinstrumentenmusike 1991 Diplomant des Gesamtbundeswettbewerbs, 1998 Preistrager des internationalen Wettbewerbes. Er lernte und besuchte Meisterklassen bei bekannten Musikern, wie Andras Adorjan, Oleh Kudryaschow, Martin Fahlenbock, Antoni Wierzbinski und Jeanne Baxtresser. Er nahm an vielen internationalen Musikfestivalen teil und trat in Deutschland, Ungarn und Polen auf.
        Konzerte von J. Ibert, S. Mercadante, K.P.E.Bach, Werke von Franz und Karf Doppler, sowie Konzerte von ukrainischen Komponisten fur Flote und Symphonieorchester sind von Andriy Karpyak erstmals in Lwiw aufgefuhrt worden. Er arbeitet mit Opern-, Ballett-, Symphonie - und Kammergruppen zusammen. Er ist Veranstalter und Mitglied des Flotenensembles "Schoni Sarenquartett".
        Andriy Karpyak ist Autor der wissenschaftlichen Beitrage, die den Problemen der Geschichte der Kunst des Blasinstrumentenspiels gewidmet sind. Er nahm an internationalen Wissenschaftskonferenzen teil. Seit 2003 ist er Dozent am Blas- und Schlaginstrumentenlehrstuhl der Lwiwer staatlichen Musikakademie und seit 2002 Doktor der Kunstwissenschaften.


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